Celebrating 125 Years

The Value of Certification

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ASHRAE certification programs were founded to meet industry need as identified through market research and today provide value to many important stakeholders. Developed by subject matter experts, including those recruited from allied professional organizations, ASHRAE certification programs benchmark with the ANSI/ISO accreditation standards for personnel certification programs to help ensure quality. For the past 100+ years ASHRAE has worked hard to earn and maintain a worldwide reputation for being the leader in HVAC&R design. ASHRAE certification programs serve to reinforce that reputation.

Value for Certification Earners

The decision to pursue a certification is not one lightly made by busy professionals, but the benefits of getting certified are many. In a “Value of Certification” survey, this is what respondents had to say:

  • I'm proud to hold my ASHRAE certification (94%),
  • ASHRAE certification validates my level of specialized knowledge and ability (89%),
  • ASHRAE certification helps differentiate me from my peers (82%),

Digital Badges are digital representations of your achievement, consisting of an image with embedded metadata uniquely linked to you. When someone clicks on your badge, they learn more about your skills and verify the badge’s authenticity.

  • Shareable in electronic media, including LinkedIn, email, websites, Facebook and Twitter
  • Instant recognition
  • Real-time, third-part verification
  • Customizable online preferences

The Value of ASHRAE Certification

Value for Building Owners

Building owners want to know who they should hire to design critical building systems that will impact occupant comfort, safety, efficiency and – ultimately – profitability.  Hiring a firm that assigns an ASHRAE-certified professional to a project confers the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence in critical job knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Compliance with applicable local, state and federal requirements
  • Confidence in corporate commitment to the professional development of its employees and to providing the best possible resources for projects
  • Disciplinary process to follow in case of complaints

Value for Employers

Hiring – and retaining – the right employees is an expensive proposition with many unknowns.

Taking ASHRAE certification into consideration during the process – and embracing it in the corporate culture – confers the following benefits to HR, the hiring manager and the employer:

  • Recruit the most-qualified professionals
  • Elevated reputation and credibility among current and potential customers
  • Enhanced compliance with applicable local, state and federal requirements
  • Greater job satisfaction and resulting lower turnover
  • Provides clear, value-added professional development path

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